Congratulations to Certiport’s 2023 Adobe Certified Professional U.​S.​ National Champions!

The 2023 Adobe Certified Professional US National Championship has come to an end. We’re so proud of all our competitors and their creativity, design knowledge, and certified skills.

The Certiport Adobe Certified Professional US National Champions are as follows:

  1. Andrew Jarnac, North Carolina
  2. Kayla Crossen-Zawila, Oklahoma
  3. Lena Sedlmayer, Georgia
  4. Ginger Johnson, Florida
  5. Alana King, Florida
  6. Hannah Anderson, New Jersey
  7. Adin Darling, Florida
  8. Murphy Roate, Georgia
  9. Tanisha Acevedo, Florida
  10. Scarlet Rulien, Idaho

Across the US, more than 31,000 students ages 13 to 22 qualified for Certiport’s Adobe Certified Professional US National Championship by earning an Adobe Certified Professional certification in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Certified students entered original design creations and 40 were selected to compete at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista – Disney Springs® area hotel from June 26-28, 2023.

Finalists were given six hours to create a design project for the Cook Center for Human Connection, who also served as judges for the competition. First-place winners receive an $3,000 USD cash prize, second place $2,000 USD, and third place $1,000 USD.

“At the Cook Center for Human Connection, our current focus is on providing mental health resources for schools, students, and families through programs like,” said Mark Welling, CMO, Cook Center for Human Connection. “We’re so pleased serve as the non-profit client for Certiport's Adobe Certified Professional U.S. National Championship this year. The competitors’ impressive, professional-level designs will help us further our mission and vision.”

“The talent demonstrated by the winners of the Adobe Certified Professional US National Championship is simply wonderful and in keeping with the high standards set by previous winners of the Adobe Certified Professional World Championship,” said Craig Bushman, General Manager of Certiport. “We have no doubt that by attending the world championship, the US’s entrants will have an exceptional experience in meeting and competing against other entrants from other countries. A competition such as this gives us a chance to see what these students can do with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications under pressure, with a time limit, and for a real client. Their Adobe certifications and success in this competitive event will be the first step to a successful career.”

The winners will now advance to Certiport’s Adobe Certified Professional World Championship from July 31 August 2, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Finalists are expected to come from more than 36 countries to demonstrate their proficiency using Adobe Creative Cloud.

“The Adobe Certified Professional National and World Championships give students the incredible opportunity to showcase their creative talent and technical knowledge in a real-world design scenario,” said Liana Maharaj-Parrish, Head of Student Learning and Certification, Adobe. “We have no doubt that their professional level skills and certifications will take them far.”

Watch the 2023 Adobe Certified Professional Awards Ceremony